Difference Between Event Marketing and Integrated Marketing Communication

All businesses need communication to develop, prosper and create relationships. In fact, communication is so vital for the success of any business. You may have excellent products but if the external and internal communications are not strong, your business will experience a decline. IMC or integrated marketing communications offer an approach whereby there is a consistent message put across to buyers during a promotion that can include different media types.

Utilizing Events to Drive IMC

When you receive a sampling of free coffee, you are actually experiencing the new product and you could be a potential buyer. Therefore, event marketing is nothing but spreading recognition of a product at a social event. Consumers today, resort to multiple sources of information; businesses are realizing the ineffectiveness of depending on advertisements alone, hence, the importance of IMC is becoming apparent. Well-planned and focused integrated campaigns depend on digital media, advertising, social networking and live events to effectively move and engage potential buyers through sales. In today’s competitive business scenario, organizations are looking at integrated marketing in order to have a cost-effective and efficient approach. The main difference between promoting or marketing using events is that an event offers chances for individual interaction with a product. Therefore, it is clear that a group of consumers and media meeting at one place can effectively use multiple disciplines to achieve a common objective. Hence, events can drive IMC.

Events Open Doors for Products

Event marketing spreads awareness of a product at social events. There is constant competition to catch the attention of a product using the print and visual media. However, when you try to create recognition at a social gathering, you can engage the potential buyer in a better way and help him experience the product personally. Unlike the print media and televisions, events are fun and participatory. Often, this will translate prospective consumers into buyers. It makes your marketing effort cost-effective. Corporate groups use events extensively; they also sponsor events making the objective of marketing less obvious. Well-planned occasions can become regular local attractions.

Basic Tools of IMC

If companies plan, communicate and follow industry guidelines ethically, they can earn customer trust. The basic tools of integrated marketing communications are as follows. Advertising is the age-old form of marketing that can reach a large audience effectively. Sales promotions are used to encourage repeat buying and to speed up short-term sales. Public relations, another IMC tool is carried out through press releases, public appearances or sponsorships. Direct marketing uses catalogs, emails and mails and other marketing techniques to launch new products. Finally, there is personal selling wherein presentations, sales appointments and other type of personal communications are established to reach customers and to strengthen relationships.