Integrated Marketing Communication

Let me start with correcting the assumption of advertising as integrated marketing communication. Advertising is a part of Integrated Marketing Communication. I.M.C. is much broader in scope. As the name suggests, it is the sum total of the entire all the marketing tools.

The communication tools broadly consist of advertising, personal selling, direct marketing, internet marketing and sales promotion.

With the increased competition and increased awareness of the buyer, the company is finding it very difficult to sell their products. Moreover, the products are getting commoditized. There is not much difference left between the products of two companies.

Here comes the role of integrated marketing communication. There are various touch points on which a prospect buyer can be targeted. The company has to identify these touch points and make their strategies accordingly.

As said earlier, I.M.C. consists of various communication tools, a company cannot deploy all the tools in its marketing considering the cost factor. Moreover, it is not advisable to do so. The company has to identify the tools which are appropriate for its marketing considering the buyers situation and the effectiveness of every marketing tool.

Advertising still plays a most important tool in integrated marketing communication. Almost 55% of the marketing budget is spending on advertising in USA. The other most important tool till recently was sales promotion.

But with the passage of time and increased penetration of internet, the internet marketing is seeing an upsurge of almost 300%.

Would internet marketing replace advertising or advertising would still play a major role in the whole integrated marketing communication?